Tuesday, September 20, 2011

London: Day 1

After an awesome wedding with the best friends and family anyone could ask for, Eric and I were off to England for our 3 week honeymoon on Sunday. We flew out from Rochester at 7pm ready for the 12-hour journey ahead of us. Here we are pointing towards our destination... London!
We first flew to Boston; a quick 1 hour flight. No big deal. But then, after a short layover, we took off for Iceland. I was really excited to fly over that country and get a quick glimpse of the land there but Eric and I slept through the whole flight. It was another short layover so I had to settle for a picture from the airport.
Then it was off to London! We slept the whole way up until we were about to land and caught some awesome shots of the city from the plane.
We hired a taxi to take us up to Hornsey where we'd be staying for 4 days. The taxi driver was so nice and friendly. We had a great chat with him and got a lot of recommendations about where to go, what to eat, basic London know-how. But then we paid him...£100 for that ride. We're pretty sure we got ripped off. Especially since we were later told that it should've only been about £45 max! Se la vie!
We climbed up the stairs to the flat we rented out and had just enough time for a cat nap and figure out how to get to the spa we had made appointments at for massages. Here's a shot of our bedroom at the flat.
That's it right there. But we love it. It overlooks a large backyard and we have our own bathroom which is super swanky and modern. A quick change and we were off to the spa.
But we showed up an hour early; I still had to get used to the time difference and reading military time. So to keep us busy we walked around the area and grabbed a snack to eat in a nearby park. Here's Eric bonding with the London pigeons.
After our hour long massages (which were fantastic) they brought us to the relaxation room immediately after which is a very dimly lit room with funky beds and headphones where you're just supposed to nap. Which we did. For another hour. Then it was off to the "Chill Room" where there was a sauna, sanarium, power showers, a snow room, a steam room, a huge and crazy jacuzzi, and little sleep cubbies. We easily spent another hour there.  Here's a link to the place. We highly recommend it. It was just the right thing after the long trip over. Here's us just after our Finer Things Club experience.
But we worked up an appetite and to keep it cheap we took a stroll down to this amazing little place called Waitrose; a happy grocery store with some really delicious prepared food. Here's our bounty below; some sushi, pasta salad with chicken, lentil/beet/goat cheese salad and a quinoa salad with spinach and edamame . We loved it there and decided to grab some snacks for the flat too.
We were pretty pooped and end the night by heading back to the flat and getting for some shut-eye.

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