Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 16: Leaving England / Hello Scotland

Eric and I scarfed down a hefty English breakfast and checked out of the hotel ASAP in excitement for Scotland! The drive ahead was about 5 hours and the flat we were staying at doesn’t do check-in until after 5 so we had enough time for a nice long detour. More mountain biking! This time, with me in tow. Along the way, more gorgeous scenery.

The bike rental spot was right in the Glentress Peel woods. The staff was super nice and had some pretty chic bikes for us to borrow. Just our luck, Scotland was in the 50’s, windy as heck, with some light sprinkling in the air. “Perfect” cycling weather for two people getting over head colds. I rarely go mountain biking, I much prefer the road bike so I bailed out early and waited for Eric in a cafe situated next to the bike rental. I warmed up with a hot chocolate and banoffee pie. 

Then, more driving. We stopped taking pictures at this point because the rest of our trek to the flat in Edinburgh was a little painful; some issues with dropping off the rental car in the congested city and dealing with the taxi and all our luggage. It was so amazing to finally step in to our super spacious room and meet Iain and Claire, the owners of the flat. They were so helpful and nice. We just wanted to stay in and watch movies and eat pizza. So we did. Claire’s recommendation for delivery? Papa Johns. Yes. In Edinburgh they have Papa Johns. And it’s exactly the same.

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