Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 10: So Long, Snowdonia. Hello, Yorkshire.

 Much to our dismay, Eric woke up with a fever this morning. After grabbing some breakfast, he ran off to the steam room while I packed up the car. Though he felt fine, we both agreed it was probably best he didn’t drive the 2.5 hours to Yorkshire Dales. Which means...that task would be on me. While he hung out in the sauna, I took the car around the parking lot for a test drive. It really wasn’t so bad. By the time he got to the car, I was ready to go and off we went. My first direction; a roundabout. PERFECT! Eric always goes through those so smoothly which gave me some faith that I might be able to as well. Those actually weren’t bad either. 
 So off we went, into the English Peak District. Yet again, amazing scenery. Got turned around a few times but it wasn’t a bad drive at all. When we were in Lacock talking to the man selling soap, he forewarned us that the streets in Yorkshire would be just as narrow as the ones in St. Ives but instead of this hedgerows fencing each side of the street, there’d be stone-stacked walls. He was exactly right. It made it a little more nerve-wracking when going around tight corners. Not only did you have to worry about a car coming from the other direction that you couldn’t see but you also had to worry about scraping your car against rocks versus soft brush.

 We arrived to our B&B in Malham around 1:30, way too early to check in so we headed down the street to a pub for some lunch, then a short hike around the area.

 The town is small but busy with people of every age dressed in hiking gear. There are a ton of great walks and bike trails in this area. We chose our B&B because of it’s easy access to the attractions by foot. We found it in our Lonely Planet guide which also mentioned that when staying at Beck Hall B&B you should book the “Green Room”. So we did. When we checked in, we finally got to see it and find out why it was singled out amongst the rest.

First of all, Beck Hall was built in the 18th century. It was originally a butchers place but another tid-bit is that during the 2nd World War, it housed refugee children. Our bedroom was one of the rooms those kids stayed in. We were having some trouble with our tiny t.v. so the lady in charge, Lauren (young daughter of the manager), filled us in of the details. The original building was just the white part with the black trim. Then, during the 60’s and 70’s it went through some additions. Then even more additions just 4 years ago. Our room is quite small but has an awesome 4-poster bed, narrow windows that look out onto the creek that runs past the front of the building, and a cool mantlepiece and super old door.

We settled in and relaxed around the B&B. There are plenty of tables and chairs situated along the creek and a finicky WiFi connection to keep us busy before heading back out to find some dinner. There are really only 2 places to eat in Malham that we could find; the pub on the right and the fancier pub on the left. We tried the fancier pub for dinner after trying the other one for lunch. The fancier one had a much tastier (more expensive) menu but also a great atmosphere. Again, more really slow but very friendly service. It was by no means busy when we were there and dinner took us about 2-2.5 hours to get through. But, really, what’s our rush?

We downloaded the latest episode of Breaking Bad (even more intense than the last one!) and dozed off early as I started to get some sniffles...

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