Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 9: Snowdonia (A.K.A. In Sickness and In Health)

 Suddenly our trip took a turn for the not-so-fun. Eric’s sniffle that showed up yesterday turned in to an evil sinus infection. He was up all night with a stuffy, runny nose, heavy head, sore face and overall discomfort. It came over him like a slap in the face. When my alarm went off for breakfast, Eric stayed in bed and I set off for hunting down medicine and food to try and speed this infection up. I wandered down to the dining hall and talked to the restaurant manager to put together a take-away tray of breakfast for him. I hit up the gift  shop and bought any and everything that was sinus related. When I got back to the room he was feeling like right crud. But like I said yesterday, this is probably the best moment in our trip to recoup.

For almost every negative, there’s a positive. There’s no wireless internet in the room so Eric and I stayed in bed for a good amount of the day watching British t.v. We’re big fans of British t.v. series’ at home and constantly watch them on Netflix. Today we got a great taste of what else is out there in  English t.v. land...and it’s really, really good. Their shows are awesome. They have shows about B&B owners, great antique shows and there’s some about selling/showing homes in the country which is particularly interesting because everything is so old. This one woman’s house dates back to the 13th century and still has the beams, doors, etc... Mind blowing.

The day wasn’t all television, though. Eric made a couple trips to the sauna and steam room. I went out for a bite at lunch and walked around; snapped a few photos...

Our room:
 We also made it to our massages, which were wonderful. The rest of our night was committed to serious R&R so we’d be in good shape for our 2.5 hour drive up to Yorkshire Dales tomorrow. We were in for another surprise at dinner, though. When we sat down, the restaurant manager stopped by to check on us with his hands full of champagne and a bag of spa products. A little “Happy Anniversary” present.
 So nice! We think our accidental overtipping at the massages paid off. Though Eric’s not in the best state to be enjoying champagne... I’ll enjoy it for the both of us ;)
 Here’s to a speedy recovery and a bushy-tailed Eric in the morning.

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