Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 13: Leaving the Dales/Entering Cumbria

 Today we left Beck Hall and hit the road for 2.5 hours up to Cumbria; also known as the Lake District. We took the scenic route and drove through the rest of the Yorkshire Dales park instead of staying on the plain and unexciting motorway. You can see why...

 When we arrived at our next B&B in Near Sawrey, The Sawrey House, we were too early for check-in so we took a seat in the dining room for some lunch. A club sandwich for Eric and a goat cheese and pepper ciabatta for me. Our room was ready just after we finished our lunch. We loved our room. Here's the view from our window just above the tub. You can just make out the small lake that sits just in front of the hills. That's Esthwaite Water.

 Our room is nice and spacious.
Our days of fighting our sinuses mixed with all the driving had caught up to us. So we decided to take it easy and catch up on some things like... watching t.v. and checking our email. That felt really good. We relaxed and made reservations for dinner at the B&B for 7:15. But this was no ordinary dinner. 

They like to make it very special and unique here. We showed up downstairs in the bar area to be seated but the host told us to get a drink and wait a bit for our table. So we put our order in for some drinks at the bar and then took a seat outside to wait. Eventually our drinks arrived along with the dinner menu for us to look over. 

Still outside, relaxing, the waitress came over to take our dinner order. We waited some more but then got a bit chilly so we moved inside to the bar area again where they brought us out a little snack from the chef. We don't really know what it was. Some liver pate wrapped in bacon and served on a cracker along side deviled quail eggs. They made it sound all fancy and it sure did look fancy but we honestly didn't catch what the server said it was but that's what it looked like. I was a little hesitant after hearing the 'liver pate' part so Eric tried it for the both of us. Not his favorite. I did try and enjoy the quail eggs though. 

At about 8:00 we were brought to our table where our meals were quickly served. It was really great food and we enjoyed it. I really liked how we got to hang around while our food was being cooked. It made it feel very easy-going but still fancy. To add, when we got back to our room, there was a bottle of champagne for us. Courtesy of the hotel. This whole honeymoon thing is pretty awesome!

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